Dispatch Review respectfully acknowledges the Whadjuk people as the traditional owners and custodians of the lands upon which we live, work and enjoy. We pay deep respect to Elders past and present. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.


  1. At the End of the Land by Amelia Birch
  2. The beautiful is useful by Sam Beard
  3. ām / ammā / mā maram by Zali Morgan
  4. Making Ground, Breaking Ground by Maraya Takoniatis
  5. Art as Asset by Sam Beard
  6. Cactus Malpractice by Aimee Dodds
  7. Sweet sweet pea by Sam Beard
  8. COBRA by Francis Russell 
  9. PICA Barn by Sam Beard 
  10. Gallery Hotel Metro by Aimee Dodds
  11. A Stroll Through the Sacred, Profane, and Bizarre by Samuel Beilby
  12. Filling in the Gaps at Spacingout by Maraya Takoniatis
  13. Disneyland Cosmopolitanism by Sam Beard
  14. Discovering Revenue by Anonymous
  15. Uncomfortable Borrowing by Jess van Heerden
  16. It’s Not That Strange by Stirling Kain
  17. Hatched Dispatched by Sam Beard & Aimee Dodds
  18. F*ck the Class System by Jess van Heerden, Jacinta Posik, Darren Jorgensen, et al.
  19. Wild About Nothing by Sam Beard
  20. Paranoiac, Peripatetic: Pet Projects by Aimee Dodds
  21. An Odd Moment for Women's Art by Maraya Takoniatis 
  22. Transmutations by Sam Beard 
  23. The Post-Vandal by Sam Beard
  24. Art Thugs & Humbugs by Max Vickery
  25. Disneyland, Paris, Ardross and the artworld by Darren Jorgensen
  26. Bizarrely, A Biennale by Aimee Dodds
  27. Venus in Tullamarine by Sam Beard
  28. Weird Rituals by Sam Beard
  29. Random Cube by Francis Russell
  30. Yeah, Nah, Rockpool by Aimee Dodds
  31. Towards a Blind Horizon by Kieron Broadhurst
  32. Being Realistic by Sam Beard


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