Dispatch Review respectfully acknowledges the Whadjuk people as the traditional owners and custodians of the lands upon which we live, work and enjoy. We pay deep respect to Elders past and present. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.


  1. Paper Trails: Interviews [part 1] by Sam Beard.
  2. Power 100 by Dispatch Review.
  3. Foresight & Fiction by Ben Yaxley.
  4. Twin Peaks Was 30 by Matthew Taggart.
  5. Breaking News: It’s Rone! by Sam Beard.
  6. Look, looking at Anna Park by Amelia Birch.
  7. The Fan by Francis Russell.
  8. Follower, Leader by Maraya Takoniatis.
  9. Wanneroo Warholamania by Sam Beard.
  10. Death Metal Summer by Sam Beard.
  11. Players, Places: Reprised, Renewed, Reviewed by Aimee Dodds.
  12. Scholtz: Two Worlds Apart by  Corderoy, Fisher, Flaherty, Wilson, Fletcher,  Jorgensen, & Glover.
  13. Partial Sightings by Sam Beard.
  14. True! Crime. by Aimee Dodds.
  15. The Human Condition by Rex Butler.
  16. Light Event by Sam Beard.
  17. Rejoinder: Archival / Activism by Max Vickery.
  18. Access and Denial in The Purple Shall Govern by Jess van Heerden.
  19. 4Spells by Sam Beard.
  20. Abstract art, DMT capitalism and the ugliness of David Attwood’s paintings
    by Darren Jorgensen.
  21. Unearthing new epistemologies of extraction by Samuel Beilby.
  22. Seek Wisdom by Max Vickery.
  23. Something for Everyone by Sam Beard.
  24. Violent Sludge by Aimee Dodds.
  25. State of Abstraction by Francis Russell.
  26. Double Histories: Special Issue, with texts by Ian McLean, Terry Smith, and Darren Jorgensen & Sam Beard.
  27. Six Missing Shows by Sam Beard.
  28. What We Memorialise by Max Vickery.
  29. At the End of the Land by Amelia Birch.
  30. The beautiful is useful by Sam Beard.
  31. ām / ammā / mā maram by Zali Morgan.
  32. Making Ground, Breaking Ground by Maraya Takoniatis.
  33. Art as Asset by Sam Beard.
  34. Cactus Malpractice by Aimee Dodds.
  35. Sweet sweet pea by Sam Beard.
  36. COBRA by Francis Russell.
  37. PICA Barn by Sam Beard .
  38. Gallery Hotel Metro by Aimee Dodds.
  39. A Stroll Through the Sacred, Profane, and Bizarre by Samuel Beilby.
  40. Filling in the Gaps at Spacingout by Maraya Takoniatis.
  41. Disneyland Cosmoplitanism by Sam Beard.
  42. Discovering Revenue by Anonymous.
  43. Uncomfortable Borrowing by Jess van Heerden.
  44. It’s Not That Strange by Stirling Kain.
  45. Hatched Dispatched by Sam Beard & Aimee Dodds.
  46. Fuck the Class System by Jess van Heerden, Jacinta Posik, Darren Jorgensen, et al.
  47. Wild About Nothing by Sam Beard.
  48. Paranoiac, Peripatetic: Pet Projects by Aimee Dodds.
  49. An Odd Moment for Women’s Art by Maraya Takoniatis.
  50. Transmutations by Sam Beard.
  51. The Post-Vandal by Sam Beard.
  52. Art Thugs and Humbugs by Max Vickery.
  53. Disneyland, Paris, Ardross and the artworld by Darren Jorgensen.
  54. Bizarrely, A Biennale by Aimee Dodds.
  55. Venus in Tullamarine by Sam Beard.
  56. Weird Rituals by Sam Beard.
  57. Random Cube by Francis Russell.
  58. Yeah, Nah, Rockpool by Aimee Dodds.
  59. Towards a Blind Horizon by Kieron Broadhurst.
  60. Being Realistic by Sam Beard.


Dispatch Review aims to pin down ideas and stir up conversations about art. We publish precise, concise art criticism, opinion pieces, interviews and audio. Dispatches are dispensed spontaneously and intended to be read in one sitting.

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Sam Beard lives on Whadjuk country and spends much of his time writing about art. He holds degrees in visual art, design, and art history. Beard has worked for several galleries and arts organisations, and is the co-founder of Dispatch Review.

Max Vickery is a bookseller and Marxist based in Whadjuk country. His interests include activism, sociology, history, folklore, and comparative musicology.

Amelia Birch is a PhD candidate in History of Art at the University of Western Australia.


Aimee Dodds is a Perth based arts writer and co-founder of Dispatch Review. She has written for Memo Review, Art Almanac, ArtsHub, and Artist Profile Magazine. Dodds has first class joint honours in the History of Art and English and Cultural Studies from the University of Western Australia.

Darren Jorgensen lectures in art history at the University of Western Australia. His most recent book is The Dead C’s Clyma Est Mort.

Rex Butler teaches Art History in the Faculty of Art Design and Architecture at Monash University and writes on Australian art.

Francis Russell is a former academic and trade union official. He researches contemporary art and alienation, drawing on the legacies of Marxism, Freudian psychoanalysis, and phenomenology.

Maraya Takoniatis
studies and conducts research in Philosophy, Fine Arts, and History of Art at the University of Western Australia. 

Zali Morgan is an emerging artist, writer and curator, currently working at The Art Gallery of Western Australia as assistant curator of Indigenous Art. She is of Ballardong, Wilman and Whadjuk descent.

Kieron Broadhurst is an artist based in Perth, WA. Through a variety of media he investigates the speculative potential of fiction within contemporary art practice.
Terry Smith is Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Contemporary Art History and Theory in the Department of the History of Art and Architecture at the University of Pittsburgh, and Professor in the Division of Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought at the European Graduate School.

Ian McLean is an art historian and the former Hugh Ramsay Chair of Australian Art History at the University of Melbourne. His most recent book is Double Nation: A History of Australian Art.

Samuel Beilby is a contemporary artist and researcher. He currently teaches Fine Art at the University of Western Australia.

Jess van Heerden
studies History of Art, Fine Art and Curatorial Studies at the University of Western Australia.

Ben Yaxley is a writer, arts student, and english teacher living in Boorloo.

Matthew Taggart is an arts worker, artist and musician. Their work is experimental in its exploration of future sounds and the human experience.

Jacinta Posik studies Fine Arts and History of Art at the University of Western Australia.

Stirling Kain is an arts administrator with a BA in History of Art and History. She works with various arts organisations in WA.

Please note: any conflicts of interest that may arise between editors and the subject and/or topic of a review will see the affected editors forego any and all participation in the editorial process of the related text.


Mia Davis is an arts worker and design student based in Boorloo/Perth. Davis is powered by a love of connecting audiences to art and ideas, with inclusive design being key to her practice.